Josh, Stacey and Bo from Reinholds

Peacock Bridge Kennels has completely transformed our dog for the better. He went from spending the majority of his day in his cage to becoming a loving , enjoyable member of our family. We would recommend their service, without reservation, to anyone whose dog could use training!

Jeff, Lindsay and George and Cooper

What did you like best about our services? They are humane and they WORK!! What could we have done to improve our service to you? Nothing. Was there anything you expected to receive/learn that you did not? Nope How satisfied are you with our dog training overall? Very Satisfied

Terry and Cooper from Laureldale

After the training it is now a more relaxing experience to take my dog on walks. No more pulling or tugging on the leash. He walks right by my side and is very calm.

Jim, Jenna and Moriah

My wife and I took Moriah, our german shepherd, to Peacock Bridge for the 2 weeks board & train program. Since completing the 2 weeks and returning home 4 days ago, our 2-yr-old dog is doing so well. She became so respectful of us and is even walking — heeling — off-leash, right beside us. …

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Karen and Bella

I am so satisfied and appreciate all your team did for Bella. She is such a good, well behaved girl. Thank you so much, Andy and your gang! Thank you, thank you – so much stress is gone — really gone! — out of my life.

Dave, Patrice and Pippa

Peacock has done a great job with our dog. We have such a bond with our dog and the training has made the bond much stronger with respect. Living on a busy road, I feel we have provided our dog with safety! Thank you, Peacock!

Jimmy, Seedy and Ida Mae

Friendly people, great service, and our dog is 99 percent better. All people that have trouble with their dogs should do this if possible.

Paula, James and Windsor

This is my fourth dog trained at Peacock Bridge. Each one has been a pleasure. A dog that is obedient and responsive to commands makes a great companion and a great experience. Andy takes a lot of time to explain the process, the owner’s part and the dog’s part. I have never had to take …

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