Well Behaved in 2 weeks

We Can Train Any Dog – Even yours!

Imagine your dog running across a field chasing a squirrel and returning immediately when you call. No more jumping, pulling or excessive barking. Obeying all your commands. That can be your dog.
"The results were above our expectations. We never expected that we would be able to let our dog outside without a leash, or go for a walk without her pulling our arms off. Truly amazing results."
Eric Pfisterer and “Maki”
West Lawn, PA

Fast Results!

Here’s our secret. Most training programs require you to do a lot of practice at home. Not ours. You’ll get fast results with very little practice on your part because our focus is on creating a solid foundation of respect between you and your dog. We don’t waste your time teaching you and your dog exercises you will never need. Dog owners we meet love and respect their dog and their dog loves them too but when your dog doesn’t respect you, that’s where the problems begin. Our training teaches your dog that respecting you is good for him and once your dog respects you, that’s where your problems will end. It only takes a few carefully selected exercises taught under the highest degree of distraction to accomplish this.
"The thing that we liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge was that there was very good training for “The Parents” at pick up time. There was a very distinct, positive change in our dogs and it has also been easy for us at home to get them to respond to what they learned. We are very satisfied with the training our dog received!"
Jean and Roy Brown with “Bailey” and “Ivory”
Birdsboro, PA

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