Andy, Lisa and Monty from Reading, PA

We are very happy with our experience at Peacock Bridge Kennels. From the beginning, Andy listened to our concerns and spent time with us and our dog, Monty, to make sure he understood what we wanted and that we understood and felt comfortable with the training process.

Monty is a new dog!

Same lovable, sweet, energetic personality, but now he listens to us!  He has so much more freedom to be a dog as a result of the training.  He runs off leash sniffing happily – we couldn’t even take him for a walk before because he reacted to everything! We are all so much happier and less stressed thanks to Andy, Fay and all the great staff who cared for Monty!

P.S. Monty was so excited to go back and see Fay! What more can I say!

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