Dog Training Graduate from Clark Summit, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Brolin, from Clark Summit, PA.

Here’s what Brolin’s owners had to say:

“I was very skeptical that my dog could be trained at all given his anxiety issues and not listening. If he would get out the door he would take off and not come back. We would have to go chase him down and I worried about him not coming back or getting hit by a car. After his 2 weeks of training at Peacock Bridge he came home a different pet. He is now able to be off leash in our back yard (which isn’t fenced in) and can be a dog running around outside. We use the training to set boundaries for him outside. He knows where he is allowed to go and not allowed.

We all can enjoy being outside without 1 of us either staying inside with him or getting stuck holding the leash. He loves being outside to wander around. He still has some anxiety (mostly separation anxiety), but nothing like before. They did a great job with him. More than what I could have done.

Thank you Peacock Bridge!!”

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