Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Koda, from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Koda’s owners had to say:

“We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Peacock Bridge Kennels. We have a 1 year old Australian Shepard named Koda. At 16 weeks old, I had enrolled Koda in a puppy school; he did fantastic until he turned 6 months old. Koda’s issues became apparent; he did not listen to his owners, attacking the lawnmower and vacuums, barking at everything that walked past our house and/or campsite. We had 3 different trainers in 4 months. We were told that they couldn’t help us with Koda. My front window was blocked with boxes to keep him from bouncing off the glass. After two weeks at Peacock Bridge Kennels, Koda now walks besides me as I mow the lawn, no more chewing the tires while I push the mower. I asked if they did intense lawn mower training, Nope, he just listens to me when I told him no when I’m ready to start the mower. He now walks right beside me on our neighborhood walks.

A week after Koda returned home, he was still acting aggressively towards people walking past our house and campsite. I called Andy and he took Koda for another week of training. During this extra FREE week, they brought Koda to do training at my house and my campsite. Koda still has issues of being extra excited when he feels the need to protect us, but he also knows it is not acceptable and stops the barking and tries to calm himself down, he now runs to us when he sees walkers, we tell him he’s a good boy and he is nervous but not barking. Most importantly we no longer look like hoarders; all boxes have been removed from the windows. Off leash hiking with him has become a joy again, he no longer terrorizes joggers, he sits and watches people pass without trying to attack. He loves when strangers want to pet him and let him say hello to their puppies. I can’t believe the transformation Peacock Bridge Kennels has made on our little buddy Koda.”

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