Dog Training Graduate from Womelsdorf, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Linus, with Jim and Kathy Harris, from Womelsdorf, PA.

Here’s what Linus’s owners had to say:

“Our 6-month-old puppy was causing stress in our home with his nipping, chewing and jumping on people. We had to keep him confined because he kept nipping at our feet as we walked through the house. Whenever we let him up on our laps he wanted to nip at our hands, arms, and face. He could not be walked on a leash, because he was too busy going after our feet. We left a misbehaving puppy with you and we THINK you gave back another dog! He learned so much and we are able to really enjoy him. He can have the run of the house and follows our commands well. He knows “down” the best, so it gets used the most! He walks really well on a leash, making our walks really pleasant, responding to “down” when he wants to jump on people. He even comes when called when other dogs are present. We love that he can be on our laps and cuddle without fear of nipping. Thank you, Andy and your staff!”

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