Ed and Helen S. Mahanoy City PA. with Shadow

Our one-year old German Shepherd was out of control when we turned to Peacock Bridge for help. She was so aggressive that I was unable to walk her safely and guests were afraid to enter our home. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t control my dog. After training, we are finally in control! I feel like Peacock Bridge gave me my life back! Of course, we need to continue training our dog and introduce her to new situations to build on her training, but the transformation is remarkable. I was walking her the other day when a neighbor jogged past us with no problem. My neighbor actually said, “I wish my dog would do that.” It made me feel great! Thanks, Peacock Bridge.

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  1. We have a one year old female German Shepherd with similar issues. She is very good with people but aggressive with other dogs. We just finished a 2 week vacation at the beach with my parents but I am afraid we will never be invited back. Abbey attacked my dads 13 year old Australian Shepherd after initially playing nicely. She also tussled with my brothers Jack Russel and my sisters Blue Healer. No one will ever invite us to visit again! How can we address this in a positive manner ?

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