Mike H. and Teddy from Sugarloaf, PA

Teddy, our speckle-tongued Golden Retriever puppy was exactly what one looks for in “golden” qualities.  He was always wagging, always happy, but too high energy, high anxiety for us to train him on our own.

Thank goodness for Peacock Bridge Kennels.  The two week boarding and training session for him/us was priceless.  Ted came home a changed man.  He respects us, follows commands as taught, and is a true pleasure to live with now.  We even go so far as to show off his skills to friends.  EVERYTHING promised was delivered.  The investment in a relationship that will grow over the next 10+ years is certainly worth it!

Part of the selling point for us was the boarding.  Trying to attend regular classes and follow through with lessons between classes is often a strain on an already too busy life.  To be able to pick up Ted, with him already knowing his part, made the entire process a perfect fit for our lives.

I truly cannot say enough about Peacock Bridge Kennels.

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