Recent Dog Training Graduate from Gilbertsville, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Josie, from Gilbertsville, PA.

Here’s what Josie’s owners had to say:

“We adopted Josie from the SPCA when she was 3 months old. My experience with dogs was limited but I thought how hard could it be after watching other people successfully care for their dogs. After bringing Josie home she was a little terror. She chewed up everything in sight, her harnesses, leashes, placemats, chair cushions, socks, anything she could get her little paws on. She escaped out of her harness on two separate occasions and it was very difficult getting her to come back. She came back when she was good and ready, on her terms. She counter surfed, pulled while walking on a leash and never sat still. We couldn’t trust her to be alone even for a minute. She listened rarely and when she did, it was a lot of yelling and screaming on our part to get her to comply. It was very frustrating and not how I wanted to conduct myself with my beloved dog! I tried everything I could think of to train her, mostly watching videos online but it was no use. She was extremely stubborn. My husband and I decided it was time to get a professional to train Josie. After speaking to several trainers at various obedience schools we called Peacock Bridge and spoke with Mike. He was so commonsensical and we really liked what he had to say about Peacock Bridge’s approach to training dogs. We decided to take Josie to Peacock Bridge and it was the best decision we have ever made. Mike even told us she was indeed a very stubborn dog. Although she was stubborn, when we picked her up it was like she was a different dog. She no longer chews on anything other than her toys or bones. She is a more relaxed dog and she now snuggles with us. Her recall is great so no more worrying about her getting away and not coming back or getting hit by a car. Mike is a miracle worker. In fact, everyone at Peacock Bridge is amazing, from training to calling back every single time I left a message. They went above and beyond our expectations. Of course, we still have to consistently make sure Josie respects our rules so the training continues but at least she listens to the rules now. Thank you Mike and Peacock Bridge for giving us and Josie a life we can enjoy as a family!”

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