Recent Dog Training Graduate from Lancaster, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Rudy, from Lancaster PA. Here’s what Rudy’s owners had to say:

“Rudy, our 2 year old long haired German Shepherd, entered training at Peacock Bridge after he came to our family as a rescue only 3 weeks before. He started training mild mannered and anxious to please, but with no obedience skills. He was also very shy and fearful. He came back to us more confident, more fit looking after gaining 12 needed pounds, and totally obedient, not only sitting, staying, lying down on command, but walking on leash at our sides without pulling and walking off leash safely near traffic and other people and dogs. We appreciated the additional advice we received during two post training phone

Training at Peacock Bridge is a significant investmemt, but the results are well worth the cost. At 76 years old, my wife and I did not want to deal with an untrained 75 pound German Shepherd. Both our lives and the Rudy’s are much more rewarding and stress free because of the results. We had our previous German Shepherd trained at. Peacock Bridge, so clearly we were satisfied enough to repeat.”

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