Yvonne and Brad W. from Hershey PA with Darlington the Dane

Our favorite thing about Peacock Bridge Kennels was that everything that was told to us happened within a short timeframe. These services were well worth the money spent and we were very happy with everything. All expectations were met and we were very satisfied with the result!

Our ultimate goal was to control our large breed dog who does not realize her own size. We attend events like NASCAR and have grandchildren so we really wanted to make sure no one was accidentally hurt. Now we can happily go on walks, sit on our furniture as well as other activities with no issues. With a few simple commands Darlington is very aware and listens without question now. Our Dane is a blessing to be around and much more pleasant to walk. I haven’t had her pull on her leash since before her training!

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  1. Tara Sadusky-Heine

    I’ve known Andy Bensing since 1996 and I have complete trust in him and him training methods. Currently my boy Alex is in his training program.

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