Recent Dog Training Graduate from Blandon, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Zia, from Blandon, PA.

Here’s what Zia’s owners had to say:

“lt took me 40 years to go and get the puppy of my dreams. When we first got Zia I knew how much work it would be to train her and groom her to be the puppy of my dreams. As Zia progressed through the months we started to call her “she devil”. This is not what we had expected and were very frustrated with her behavior, no matter what efforts we made. This is when we had received the highest recommendation from a friend that took his dog to Peacock Bridge and that he was so pleased and had exceeded his expectations with his dogs training. After my husband had met his the dog he was convinced that this would be the place for the success of Zia’s training.

We reached out to Peacock Bridge and was professionally greeted via phone (thanks COVID19) and assured that they would be able to help with Zia’s behavioral issues. They walked us through the steps we would have to take to assure her training was a success.

The day we dropped Zia off was a tough day for us, but I knew they could help her. Through the training they kept in contact with us updating us with her progress. After they had posted a video of her progress on their website and seeing that their training was working,I felt encourage for the first time and we couldn’t believe this was our dog.

Finally, the day we picked her up was very emotional and we were very nervous not knowing what to expect. They went over everything and showed us the training Zia had accomplished. They also walked us through the training that we needed to continue to ensure Zia’s success.

We took Zia home and began the training that Peacock Bridge had taught us. Ali and the staff was very diligent in following up with us on Zia’s progress and helped us in the steps that we were uncertain about. The staff was awesome! l’m not going to lie the first week was very challenging, but with the direction of Ali, and Zia’s Trainer & Staff it helped us through the transition. The second week was very encouraging and showed us that Zia had made huge leaps and bounds with her training!

l’m so proud of Zia and the extreme pleasure that we enjoy from Zia’s training. Zia has been completely off leash for 2 1/2 months without any worry. I even go outside now without her remote from time to time because the assurance she shows me. Who thought a Siberian Husky would be completely off leash!! The only time she is on her leash now is when we hike or walk in the park. She is the complete joy of our lives. We never thought that the “she devil” she was, would turn out to be our best companion. We are so pleased with Zia’s success that we recently got a second Husky and know that if we need Peacock Bridge they will be there.

Our deepest thanks goes out to the entire staff at Peacock Bridge! You gave us our lives back with the most gratifying joy that I have waited 40 years to get the puppy of my dreams.


Amber Dimarco & Gary Diltz”

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