Recent Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Barkley, from Reading, PA. Here’s what Barkley’s owners had to say:

“Barkley is the best behaved dog in our neighborhood on our walks. We receive constant compliments about how well he walks on the leash and sits at every crosswalk. He’s well behaved even when cats, squirrels or other dogs cross our path. Training also greatly helped his demeanor. Prior he was anxious, restless, always needed to be moving or chewing something. Training helped him realize it’s ok to just sit next to me and relax! And just enjoy the occasional head scratches! Our grandmother remarked that he was “one of the best behaved gentlemen she had seen in her 88 years!” Peacock Bridge training is exceptional. It’s worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone considering a dog.

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