Recent Dog Training Graduate from Richland, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Amber, from Richland, PA. Here’s what Amber’s owners had to say:

“Our puppy was displaying typical puppy behaviors and it wasn’t until she came home trained that I realized how her misbehavior was affecting our family. I am no longer worried about young children coming to play with my children b/c our dog is so well behaved with them. There’s no more jumping, mouthing, trying to climb furniture, pulling on walks, etc. She returned to us after Thanksgiving and by Christmas we could remove various house gates, so she had access to the Christmas tree. I was expecting her to damage items, but she didn’t even bother with them.

My kids constantly leave items (socks, toys, shoes, crocs :) ) on the floor and she has a definite sense of what not to chew and what are her toys for chewing.”

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